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About Geoff L.

  British Columbia's Capital City of Victoria on Vancouver island is an amazing place to be able to call home. As a full time musician for almost a decade my life has been completely dedicated to my craft, and because of that i have been able to spend a lot of time on every aspect of the music making process. Writing, recording, performing, learning, practicing, teaching the list goes on.. One main element of making music for me has always been the tools i use to do so, how they can inhibit or inspire the way in which the art is made. People say things like "this guitar has a song in it.." or "the sound of this instrument inspired me to write this way...", i am a huge believer that a quality instrument has a life of it's own and with that comes a unique effect when placed in the hands of an artist, collector or hobbyist. My goal is to curate a collection of instruments and accessories that have a unique voice and a spirit that can stir the imagination for a lifetime of expression and enjoyment.